Past Events 2016


Social Harmony: An Iraqi perspective

Wednesday 30 November | Lukman Faily, Senior Advisor to Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi

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The Religionisation of Israeli Society

Wednesday 16 November | Yoav Peled, Tel Aviv University; Horit Herman-Peled, Oranim Academic College

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Thursday 10 November | Ali Ansari, St Andrews

Revisiting Rouhani's Election: The Politics of Managing Change in Iran

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Yemen: A Battle for the Future

Wednesday 9 November | Ginny Hill, LSE Middle East Centre; Baraa Shiban, Reprieve

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Popular Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East

Wednesday 26 October | John Chalcraft, LSE

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Kuwait Programme Seminar

Politics in Modern Arab Art

Tuesday 18 October | Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

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Social Movements and Popular Mobilisation in the MENA Seminar

Let's Rock/Rap it! Music as Collective Action: The Case of the Arab Spring

Tuesday 11 October | Amina Boubia, Sciences Po Centre for International Studies

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The Fight Against ISIS: Kurds on the Front Line

Thursday 6 October | Lahur Talabany, Zanyari Agency

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Violence and the City in the Modern Middle East

Wednesday 5 October | Nelida Fuccaro, Ulrike Freitag, Rasmus Christian Elling

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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: A Turning Point?

Wednesday 15 June | Mireille Girard, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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Wars of the Wombs: Struggles over Abortion Policies in Israel

Tuesday 7 June | Rebecca Steinfeld, Goldsmiths University

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The AKP and Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Monday 18 April | Cengiz Çandar, Radikal; Zeynep Kaya, LSE

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The Politics of International Intervention: The Tyranny of Peace

Wednesday 23 March | Mandy Turner, Florian P. Kühn, Michael Pugh, Caroline Hughes, Christopher Phillips, Toby Dodge

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The Four Eras of Qatari Foreign Policy

Tuesday 22 March | David Roberts, King's College London

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Engineers of Jihad: The curious connection between violent extremism and education

Wednesday 16 March | Steffen Hertog, LSE; Diego Gambetta, European University Institute

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Why Some Contentious Movements Fail: The Case of the Syrian Opposition

Tuesday 15 March | Jasmine Gani, University of St Andrews 


Alternative Universalisms? Contemporary Turkish Discourses on Culture in International Relations

Wednesday 2 March | Katerina Dalacoura, LSE

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The Notion of Salafiyya: Between Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Tuesday 1 March | Andrew Hammond, University of Oxford

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Challenge to the Arab State

Wednesday 24 February | Filippo Dionigi, LSE

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EU Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Lobbying, Networks and Framing

Tuesday 9 February | Benedetta Voltolini, Maastricht University

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Wednesday 3 February | Jonathan Hill, King's College London

Democratisation in the Maghreb

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Beyond the "Tunisian Exception": (Un)changing politics and social movements

Tuesday 2 February | Choukri Hmed, Paris Dauphine University

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International Military Intervention and the Politics of Iraq

Wednesday 27 January | Toby Dodge, LSE

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How the West Undermined Women's Rights in the Arab World

Wednesday 20 January | Nicola Pratt, University of Warwick

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Muted Modernists: The Struggle over Divine Politics in Saudi Arabia

Thursday 14 January | Madawi Al-Rasheed, LSE

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Kuwait Programme Seminar

The Arab World at the Crossroads: Collapse or Reform?

Tuesday 12 January | Shafeeq Ghabra, Kuwait University

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