Ecologies of Fragile Landscapes


Friday 9 June 2023, LSE

ecologies fragile landscape umut 800x600
Image: Umut Kuruüzüm

We are pleased to announce an upcoming workshop on the Ecologies of Fragile Landscapes: Water, Waste and Toxicity in the Middle East, to be convened at the London School of Economics (LSE). 

This interdisciplinary workshop will address the contemporary proliferation of ‘fragile landscapes’ – the escalation of infrastructural and ecological ruinations, the multiplying forms of ‘dispossession’, and the changing dynamics of ‘collective struggles’ – in the Middle East and beyond, including the Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea Region, and the Caucasus.

The workshop aims to explore research dealing with the expansion of dispossession under the advance of anthropogenic stresses, waste, contaminations, degradation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the exploitation of human and non-human species across diverse industries, territories and ecologies.

This workshop has been organised by Dr. Michael Mason, Director of the LSE Middle East Centre and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environment at LSE, and Dr. Umut Kuruüzüm, Visiting Researcher at the LSE Middle East Centre and Assistant Professor at Istanbul Technical University.