Prospects for Islamist Politics after the Arab Uprisings

Hosted by the Middle East Centre

Research Centres Meeting Suite, 9th Floor, Tower 1, Clement's Inn, WC2A 2AZ


Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar

Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar

University of Leeds

Dr Paola Rivetti

Dr Paola Rivetti

Dublin City University

Dr Courtney Freer

Dr Courtney Freer

LSE Middle East Centre

Dr Craig Larkin

Dr Craig Larkin

King's College London


Dr Katerina Dalacoura

Dr Katerina Dalacoura


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What are the consequences of the Arab uprisings for Islamist actors and organisations across the region? Have regime change, revolution, counter-revolution and reform worked to strengthen the power and influence of Islamists, or have they weakened them? Presenting the recently published volume Islamists and the Politics of the Arab Uprisings: Governance, Pluralisation and Contention (EUP, 2018), panellists will critically discuss the impact of the uprisings looking at how Islamists' political and ideological stances have shifted as a result of a dramatically changing social and political environment. Cross-regional dynamics will be explored and assessed, alongside discussions of the national specificities of Islamist trajectories in those countries of the Middle East and North Africa impacted by the waves of popular mobilisation since 2010".

Hendrik Kraetzschmar (@henky74) is Associate Professor in the Comparative Politics of the MENA at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He has published a number of peer-reviewed journal articles on electoral, associational and party politics in the Middle East and North Africa.

Paola Rivetti (@PaolaRivettiDUB) is Assistant Professor in Politics of the Middle East and International Relations at Dublin City University (Ireland). Her research interests focus on the history of modern Iran; the government of societies and polities in the Middle East and North Africa; social and political mobilisations; precarity in academia and academic freedom. 

Courtney Freer (@courtneyfreer) is Research Officer at the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her work focuses on the domestic politics of the Arab Gulf states, with a particular focus on Islamism and tribalism. 

Katerina Dalacoura is Associate Professor in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Dr Dalacoura’s work has centered on the intersection of Islamism and international human rights norms. 

Craig Larkin @irisharab7 is Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics of the Middle East in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, King’s College London. He was previously a research fellow at Exeter Politics department, working on an ESRC funded project ‘Conflict in Cities and the Contested State’ (2008-2012). 

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Image: Islamists and the politics of the Arab Uprisings: Governance, Pluralisation and Contention Book Cover. Image Courtesy of Edinburgh University Press.


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