Dr Sara Tafakori

Dr Sara Tafakori

Visiting Fellow

Department of Media and Communications

Key Expertise
Political communication; global media; political emotions

About me

Dr Sara Tafakori’s research is situated in the intersections of global politics, emotion, mediation and the everyday, with a focus on affective discourses in transnational media contexts.  She is interested in the emotional geographies of suffering and vulnerability, the allocation of empathy and compassion, particularly in times of crisis, and the challenges these  pose for thinking about inequalities of gender and race in relation to regimes of knowledge and representation.   She is currently working on the relation between crisis and the discursive limits of sympathy in the context of Western-led economic sanctions on Iran. 

She recently completed her PhD at the University of Manchester, where she was also a teaching assistant in the BA course on Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East.  She holds an MA in Gender Studies, with a focus on the Middle East, from SOAS, and an MSc and BSc in Journalism, Media and Communications from the University of Tehran.  She worked for several years as a journalist on national newspapers in Iran.

During her time at LSE, Dr Tafakori will be working with Prof Lilie Chouliaraki.

Expertise Details

Political communication; global media; political emotions in national and transnational contexts; visual politics; mediation and the everyday; gender; sexuality; race and media; social movements and publics in Iran; postcolonial feminist theory and IR