PhD Symposium 2010

Media@LSE Postgraduate Workshop 2010 and summer symposium on communication, information and culture: Emerging questions, conceptual innovations and changing approaches to research

  • Monday 7 June 2010, 09h30 - 17h30
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE


Read the final programme for this event.


A wide range of existing and emergent questions in social research are connected to questions about the media, communication and information technologies. Technological innovations engender new social constellations and human engagements, the role of communication in social organization and political practices is being explored in new ways, and changing media environments shape and re-shape our cultural landscape. The questions asked, the mode in which they are asked, and the means and methods by which they are explored are in continuous development across a range of fields of inquiry. We find ourselves facing new questions, methods, innovations and challenges in each segment of what Richard Johnson called the Circuit of Culture - production, text, consumption and culture/social relations.

Call for abstracts

This year's Media and Communication PhD workshop hosted by Media@LSE in June 2010 builds on the success of the workshops organised in previous years. The 2010 workshop offers the opportunity for students to present in two formats.

  1. The first format is a traditional paper submission, where papers will be divided into panels. We aim to cut across and cluster around the four directions offered by the circuit of culture model. Under production we invite critical analyses of media production, policy and regulation as well as research on critical and cultural industries from any theoretical perspective. Following text, we invite papers that look at representations across a range of mediation technologies, particularly new media textual environments. Under consumption we welcome audience as well as user research and we locate this all in the circuit of culture/social relations, where we welcome papers looking at public participation, engagement and democracy as well studies of specific cultural processes/societal relations.
  2. The second format is that of roundtables organised around 'keywords', that offer students the opportunity to participate in dialogue. This invites individual or group submissions outlining panel contributions around- 1) conceptual approaches to mediation, publics/publicness, or usage; OR 2) methodological approaches to use, new technologies and changing social constellations, or the significance of comparative research

Workshop Streams

A) Traditional paper based format:

  • Production, technology and innovation, regulation
  • Use, audiences, engagement
  • Media representations, particularly new media (multimodal) representations
  • Public participation, pluralism and democratic practices

B) Dialogue based format around keywords:

  • Mediation, Public/Publicness
  • Usage
  • Methodological conversation around use, new technologies and changing social constellations
  • Comparative research


We invite research students working on projects in any discipline with a focus relating to media or communications to submit abstracts to this one day interdisciplinary symposium. Please submit a 250-word abstract for a paper indicating if it is for the paper or dialogue (A or B) by 24th April 2010, including details of your institutional affiliation, PhD project title, and supervisor. Pre-formed panel proposals for Stream B are also welcome. Successful submissions will be announced by 15th May 2010. Send submissions to

Research students wishing to attend the workshop without presenting are welcome (subject to availability); please indicate your interest by e-mailing the same address with details of your institutional affiliation, PhD project title, and supervisor.

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