Dr Rafal Zaborowski

Dr Rafal Zaborowski

PhD Alumni

Department of Media and Communications

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Audible Audiences: Engaging with Music in Japan (2015)

Supervisors: Prof. Sonia Livingstone and Dr Shakuntala Banaji

After the PhD

Rafal is now Lecturer in Digital Culture in the Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London. In his research Rafal focuses on the intersection of media and society, co-evolution of media audiences and media institutions, as well as on innovative, critical, qualitative methods of academic inquiry. Rafal's doctoral thesis was an empirical analysis of Japanese audience engagements in a social and cultural context to theoretically reformulate the concept of audience practices for both Japanese studies as well as audience and music studies. In his current work Rafal remains interested in music reception and media engagements as cultural and social practices where generational positions may affect spheres of work and leisure. Rafal also publishes on media and crisis, with a focus on migrant and refugee representation in the media.