Dr Nicholas Benequista

Dr Nicholas Benequista

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The Moral Dilemmas of Journalism in Kenya's Politics of Belonging (2017). Read here.

Nicholas' thesis explores the strategies pursued by Kenyan journalists as they contend with the social divisions created by the country's politics of belonging. Employing action research methods with a small group of Kenyan journalists, Nicholas examines how these journalists make strategic choices in the micro-processes of news production that can be understood and guided from a moral perspective.

Supervisor: Professor Robin Mansell


Nicholas began his professional career as a journalist in Latin America, eventually leading Bloomberg News’ Mexico City Bureau. He later completed an Mphil in International Development at the Institute for Development Studies in Brighton, England and spent the subsequent 10 years doing a mix of research and advocacy work on issues of citizenship, transparency, and accountability. Since completing his PhD, Nicholas Benequista has been working as the Research Manager and Editor for the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), a think tank unit at the National Endowment of Democracy. At CIMA, Nicholas works at the intersection of research, policy, and practice on issues related to media and democracy around the globe. ​