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Thesis: Flagging nations? Examining discourses of national identity in contemporary England (2008)

Supervisor: Sonia Livingstone

After the PhD

Dr Michael Skey currently teaches sociology at the University of East London. Prior to that he taught sociology at University of Leicester and media and communications at the London School of Economics, where he completed his PhD in 2008. His research interests include; nations and nationalism, multiculturalism and belonging, media rituals, cosmopolitanism, sociology of everyday life and discourse analysis. His forthcoming book, National Belonging and Everyday Life: The Significance of Nationhood in an Uncertain World , focuses on ethnic majorities in Western settings and argues that their largely taken-for-granted status is used to underpin claims to key material and ontological benefits. In studying the value of this privileged position, we are better able to explain why multicultural or cosmopolitan policies are often resisted and the need to address (though not necessarily condone) majority concerns and anxieties around social change.

Contact: poodlechaos@hotmail.com

Websites and webpages:

http://nationalbelongingandeverydaylife.wordpress.com/about or http://www.uel.ac.uk/lss/staff/michaelskey/ or http://uel.academia.edu/MichaelSkey


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