Dr Marco Scalvini

PhD alumni

Department of Media and Communications

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English, French, Italian
Key Expertise
Media ethics, semiotics, advertising

About me

Thesis: Muslims must embrace our values: a critical analysis of the debate on Muslim integration in France, Germany, and the UK 

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Supervisors:  Lilie Chouliaraki  and Jennifer Jackson-Preece

I am currently a Lecturer in the Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where I teach in the fields of new media, digital cultures and media ethics.

My key interest lies in how communication shapes our ethical and moral awareness and how communication informs the ways we are invited to feel, think and act as consumers and citizens. I focus on what I argue are predominant moralizing narratives in our culture. Moralizing constantly describes a specific language in which storytelling is central both to how we think about as well as construct ourselves, and also to exactly how we assume and establish morality as well as ethics. What we think is possible and also preferable for us, the nature of our goals, and the character of our duties are all grounded in particular suggestions regarding human potentiality and also promises that are constructed and interacted with through the narratives we create.

I am publishing a book on ‘Moral Imagination and Advertising” for Rutledge. Specifically, the book focuses on how advertising increasingly employs brand activism as a form of moral guidance, teaching lessons about diversity and reminding the public what significance to attribute to inclusivity or social justice. The book has two main goals: 1) exploring internal moral commitments and inner motivations within consumers; 2) investigating the ways in which morality is communicated to consumers as well as how advertising leads to a moral discourse.

Expertise Details

I have previously worked in marketing; political communication; institutional communication and public health communication