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Thesis: Evolutionary dynamics of new media forms: the case of the open mobile web (2010)

Supervisors: Robin Mansell   and Sonia Livingstone

After the PhD

Slightly before leaving LSE, I had already become a lecturer in Estonia at Tallinn University's Baltic Film and Media School (BFM). In addition to teaching courses about media theories, research methods and creative industries I also developed a new multidisciplinary MA programme entitled 'Crossmedia production' which put a focus on the practical management of 'convergence culture'. Once the programme was instituted I became the head of it.

In addition to heading the MA programme at BFM I became in 2011 a postdoctoral researcher at the Estonian Institute of Humanities, another institute of Tallinn University. My postdoctoral project is entitled 'Evolutionary dynamics of crossmedia forms: the challenges for the media industry's SMEs in Europe's north". With this research I am continuing to work on integrating the conceptualisations of cultural and techno-econonomic innovations to interpret the evolving 'convergence culture'. Additionally I am participating in research projects about the dynamics in the Estonian film industry and other creative industries, the evolution of Estonian public media, etc. In preparation are new collaborative research projects on innovation in European creative industries and on adaptive copying as the core source of innovations in culture.



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