Cornelia Reyes Acosta

Cornelia Reyes Acosta

PhD alumni

Department of Media and Communications

About me

Thesis: Unravelling the social networking mystery – on the significance of digitally mediated social ties in achieving recognition in the artistic sector (2016)

SupervisorsDr. Ellen Helsper and Dr. Bart Cammaerts

After the PhD

Dr. Cornelia Reyes Acosta is now Lecturer in Digital Methods in Digital Humanities at King's College London. She joined in December 2016. 

Cornelia’s main research interest is in digitally mediated social interaction and social networks. She is particularly interested in tracing the impact of digital technology on personal social relationships and the emergence of trust. To this end, she is particularly interested in understanding affordances of online social networking platforms alongside individuals’ motivation to leverage online tools for building and sustaining meaningful social relationships.

Previous to her academic career, Cornelia worked as a Project Manager for a European Commission funded project on Digital Safety in Luxembourg. She also received extensive training as a journalist, both at Thomson Reuters and the Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation.