Dr Anita Howarth

PhD alumni

Department of Media and Communications

About me

Thesis Title: Discursive intersections of newspapers and policy elites:A case study of genetically modiifed food in Britain, 1996-2000 (2012)

Supervisors: Professor Lilie Chouliaraki and Professor Elias Mossialos

After the PhD

Dr. Howarth is now a senior lecturer at Kingston University where she has been on a permanent, full-time contract since 2006. Since her viva, she has written articles, book chapters and grant applications.

Email: A.Howarth@kingston.ac.uk


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Conference Proceedings (Published)

Howarth, Anita. (2010c) ‘Discursive intersections: a case study of media-policy struggles over GM food risks’. Conference Proceedings. IAMCR. Braga, Portugal. 21 July 2010.

Howarth, Anita. (2007) ‘Contested processes, contested influence’.  Paper delivered: European Consortium for Political Research Conference; 07-12 May 2007. Helsinki, Finland.

Conferences, Seminar papers and Invited talks (unpublished)

Howarth, Anita. (2011a) "The Whaling Wars of the Antarctic: The Case of Sea Shepherd, “Eco-Terrorism” and Multi-Media Activism”. Delivered at Mediating Environmental Change: The Way Forward. 04 March 2011. Bournemouth, UK. 

Howarth, Anita (2011b) ‘The Negotiation of an (In)Tractable Controversy: Newspaper-Government engagements on GMOs.’ Public Engagement with Science Conference. Kingston University, 2-3 July

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Howarth, Anita. (2011d). ‘A Post-colonial dilemma: The polygamy of Jacob Zuma – African culture or AIDS scandal’.  16-17th December, ECREA Conference on Scandal and Moral Outrage. LSE

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Howarth, Anita. (2006) ‘Food Fights - Struggles between the Media and Policymakers over GM Food’.  Paper Delivered at:  Association for Cultural Studies Crossroads Conference. 20-23 Jul 2006, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Routledge studies in media

Foreign Policy Analysis

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