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100x Impact Accelerator Research Grants

Connecting 100x Impact Accelerator with LSE’s research community to support evidence- and evaluation-based research that helps to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Evidence-based research is rooted in the need to understand the cause of things. This not only enhances knowledge of our ventures but also fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Professor Stephan Chambers, Director Marshall Institute

Established in 2022, 100x Impact Accelerator identifies, invests in, and accelerates the most promising social enterprises that are addressing the world’s most pressing social problems.

In order to leverage LSE’s research rigour, 100x are dedicating up to £500,000 each year to support evidence-based research at LSE in the form of Research Grants. These Grants will directly connect 100x with the wider LSE community and provide a link between LSE researchers and visionary social entrepreneurs working to solve the world’s most challenging issues.

Research Streams 

There are two research streams eligible for funding:

Social Venture Partnership Stream

Accelerator Impact Stream

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Grant Details

Grant Value

Applicants are eligible to apply for project funding ranging from £15,000 to £100,000. Proposals falling below £15,000 or exceeding £100,000 will not be considered.

Grant Period

Each 100x Impact Accelerator funded research project is expected to be completed within 12 months of the official start date. The official start date must be by the end of October 2024.

Application Details

Applications for both research grants open on 08 April and close on 31 May 23:59 2024.

To apply, you must complete an application form (for staff and PhD students, as appropriate) and budget template detailing the project aims, proposed plan of action, and alignment with one of the Research Streams, along with a data management plan, and ethical approval confirmation will need to be completed. 

If you have a project in mind but would like to discuss your proposal with a member of the team before applying, get in touch with us at


Who is eligible to apply?

Any member of salaried academic or research staff in employment at the LSE, or PhD student whose studies are active, for the duration of the grant period can apply for a 100x Impact Accelerator Research Grant.

Are staff costs eligible to be charged to these grants?

Directly incurred research staff costs, including hourly paid research staff costs, are eligible to be charged to 100x Impact Accelerator Research Grants. Directly allocated and professional service staff costs are not eligible. Grants cannot be used for buy-outs or PFRs.

Can the funds be used to host an event?

Funds can be used towards hosting an event that relates to the project, but the majority of the Grant should be used for original research that fits within one of the two Research Streams outlined.

Can the funds be used to pay for travel?

Funds can be used to pay for travel that specifically relates to and supports the progress of the project, but the reasons why the travel is necessary should be clearly stated in the application.

Can the funds be used to attend a conference?

Funds can be used to cover conference registration and associated travel costs where the work and findings of the 100x Impact Accelerator-funded project are being presented, but the majority of the Grant should be used for carrying out the original research that would be being presented. The Grant cannot be used to cover conference attendance for any other work not funded by 100x Impact Accelerator, 100x Impact Accelerator should be acknowledged in the presentation, and a copy of the conference details and presentation abstract should be shared with in advance of the event.

Can the funds be used to 'top up' an existing research project?

100x Impact Accelerator Research Grant funds can be used to fund work that relates to and complements an existing research project, but there should be a distinct, specific element of the work that the Accelerator funds are being used for, linked to a specific venture or intervention.

How will applications be assesssed?

The 100x Impact Accelerator Research Selection Committee will consider all applications individually against the established selection criteria prior to meeting in June to decide collectively on which projects will receive funding. The Selection Committee are: 

  • Prof. Susana Mourato - Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research)
  • Prof. Charles Stafford - Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Faculty Development)
  • Prof. Stephan Chambers - Director, The Marshall Institute
  • Dr. Jonathan Roberts - Teaching Director, The Marshall Institute 
  • Prof. Julian Le Grand - Professor of Social Policy, The Marshall Institute 
  • Prof. Saul Estrin - Emeritus Professor, Department of Management 
  • Dr. Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe - Associate Professor of Finance, Department of Finance 
  • Nell Lemaistre - Head of Programme, 100x Impact Accelerator
  • Dr. Keri Rowsell - Head of Operations, 100x Impact Accelerator

Can an unsuccessful application be resubmitted in another year?

Unfortunately, only new applications can be considered by the Selection Committee, unless the Committee specifically requests a resubmission.

Can a member of the Selection Committee apply for a grant?

Yes, members of the Selection Committee are eligible to apply for a grant, however they will be required to recuse themselves from consideration of their application.

Can funds be used for research projects involving ventures that are not part of the 100x programme?

100x Impact Accelerator Research Grant funds can only be used for research involving ventures already linked with the Accelerator.