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10 EGMiM Stories

10 years, 10 questions, 10 profiles, every 10th of the month...

The ten-year anniversary of our Executive Global Master's in Management (EGMiM) programme has begun, with our tenth cohort walking through our doors this year. 

To celebrate this 10-year milestone, we are taking time to reflect on the incredible achievements and successes of our EGMiM alumni by releasing 10 individual profiles, with 10 questions, over a 10 month period. Each month you will find a new interview showcasing the diversity of our EGMiM students, their student experience, and how EGMiM has impacted their careers and changed their lives. 

Whilst we celebrate the last decade of EGMiM, we also look to the future of the programme at LSE and how we will continue to grow as a high-achieving, globally recognised institution, providing executive education in the centre of London. 


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Balnur Shonatayeva - Story #1 | 10th September 2021

A finance professional and soon-to-be EGMiM alumna with 10 years experience in the oil and gas sector. Already a Certified Chartered Accountant prior to joining LSE, Balnur wanted to accelerate her plans by joining the EGMiM programme after her sister’s incredible experience. 

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Valentin Janiaut - Story #2 | 10th October 2021

Working for LG Electronics as a Program Manager for their Vehicle Components Company, Valentin felt that EGMiM strengthened his engineering values and desire to learn more about how management and business work. Fast forward to today and Valentin is now building his own team of Technical Account Managers to achieve the companies goals. 

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Isabell Faad - Story #3 | 10th November 2021

An entrepreneur and innovator in the medical education industry, Isabell co-founded Winglet - the Netflix for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals - in 2016. Since graduating from our EGMiM programme, Isabell strives to ensure that Winglet becomes the #1 platform for medical education.

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Susan Allen Augustin - Story #4 | 10th December 2021

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Open Society Foundation and Co-founder of Here We Flo - Susan reflects on her time studying EGMiM with fond memories of blossoming friendships, priceless experiences and even forming an EGMiM band, The Moodles! 

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Edward Tseng - Story #5 | 10th January 2021

Our Class of 2014 EGMiM graduate, Edward Tseng, now fronts Re-Teck - one of the largest reverse supply chain management service providers in the Technology, Electronics and Telecom (TET) sector. For Edward, it was EGMiM that helped him see the world from a whole new perspective!

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