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Experiments conducted in the BL are often published in world class academic journals.

Walking the plank: An experimental paradigm to investigate safety voice

Difficult Differences: A socio‐cultural analysis of how diversity can enable and inhibit creativity

Consumers are not giving informed consent before sharing their financial data

A bargaining experiment on heterogeneity and side deals in climate negotiations

On the external validity of social preference games: A systematic lab-field study

Group dynamics in automatic imitation

Ilka H. Gleibs, Neil Wilson, Geetha Reddy and Caroline Catmur, Group dynamics in automatic imitation, in PLOS ONE.

Without my medal on my mind: Counterfactual thinking and other determinants of athlete emotions

Laura Kudrna, George Kavetsos, Chloe Foy and Paul DolanWithout my medal on my mind: Counterfactual thinking and other determinants of athlete emotions, in the Centre for economic performance discussion paper series. Read Laura Kudrna's post about the paper on the ESRC blog.

Persistent bias in advice-giving


The BL hosted its first event – a public discussion with Richard Thaler and LSE Director Craig Calhoun about Richard Thaler’s book Misbehaving on 1 June. If you missed the event, you can watch the video or listen to the podcast.

Co-constructing intersubjectivity with artificial conversational agents: People are more likely to initiate repairs of misunderstandings with agents represented as human

Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

Ambiguity attitudes, framing and consistency

Alex Voorhoeve, Ken Binmore, Arnaldur Stefansson and Lisa Steward, Ambiguity attitudes, framing, and consistency, in Theory and Decision

The downside of looking like a leader: power, nonverbal confidence and participative decision-making

Like ripples on a pond: Behavioural spillovers and their consequences for research and policy

Because I'm worth it: a lab-field experiment on the spillover effects of incentives in health

Looking ahead: Subjective time perception and individual time discounting

A truly human interface: interacting face-to-face with someone whose words are determined by a computer program

Paying people to eat or not to eat? Carryover effects of monetary incentives on eating behaviour

Digit ratio (2D:4D) and altruism: evidence from a large, multi-ethnic sample

Reluctant altruism and peer pressure in charitable giving

Do financial advisor commissions distort consumer client choice?

Confluence and contours: Reflexive management of environmental risk

Observing workplace incivility

Tara Reich and Sandy M. Hershcovis, Observing workplace incivility, in Journal of Applied Psychology

Patient complaints in healthcare systems: a systematic review and coding taxonomy

Revisiting Milgram’s cyranoid method: Experimenting with hybrid human agents

The researcher as experimental subject: using self-experimentation to access experiences, understand social phenomena and stimulate reflexivity

Can sustainability be luxurious? A mixed-method investigation of implicit and explicit attitudes towards sustainable luxury consumption

Focal versus background goals inconsumer financial decision-making

Investors’ reactions to company advertisements: the persuasive effect of product-featuring ads

Malleable conjoint partworths: How the breadth of response scales alters price sensitivity

Two-stage decisions increase preference for hedonic options

The price of fear: Emotions and willingness to pay for tobacco products

Investigating variation in replicability

Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

Risk attitudes and personality traits predict perceptions of benefits and risks for medicinal products: a field study of European medical assessors

Risk perception of prescription drugs: results of a survey among experts in the European regulatory network

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