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Merlin Entertainments Expands LSE and CEMS Partnership

We are looking forward to the expansion of our existing partnership with LSE and CEMS.

Merlin Entertainments

We are delighted to announce that Merlin Entertainments, the global leader in branded entertainments destinations, is joining the CEMS Global Alliance as a Corporate Partner this year. Merlin Entertainments will stand alongside over 70 top global business who partner with CEMS.  

CEMS is a global alliance of 33 leading management schools from around the world, partnering with multinational companies and NGOs to offer the prestigious CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) which develops future, responsible leaders. We are proud that the LSE Global Master's in Management (GMiM is the only programme in the UK to offer the CEMS MIM as a double degree). 

The expansion of the existing partnership with Merlin Entertainments with LSE and CEMS marks the continued involvement of CEMS students in the company’s flagship leadership programme, XCalibre.

In a statement, Graeme Johnson, Group Director of Talent, Learning and Performance at Merlin Entertainments said: “At Merlin Entertainments, we are on a mission to be the greatest place to work and play, and we value our partners across the industry and beyond who are working with us to achieve this. We are thrilled to be expanding our existing partnership LSE and CEMS, particularly the continued involvement of CEMS students in our flagship leadership programme, XCalibre. We are looking forward to working with more student groups as part of the business project component of their programme, to nurture talent development and establish the leaders of tomorrow."

CEMS Corporate and Social Partners contribute to the curriculum, offering professional skill seminars, business projects and internships exclusively to CEMS students, in addition to career opportunities through regional and global career events. CEMS Corporate Partners are global employers, meaning graduates of CEMS join a powerful and global network of alumni where over 50% have worked for a CEMS Corporate Partner.  

Aurora Tavola, current LSE and CEMS student and President of CEMS Club London, spoke on the influence of corporate partners within CEMS: “Corporate and social partners fulfil a fundamental role in cultivating a culture of continuous learning and personal growth amongst students. The opportunity to gain exposure to industry leaders via bespoke networking events is truly inspiring, shedding light on the corporate and non-for-profit world, thus, better preparing students for the next chapter of their lives." 

"The CEMS corporate and social partners, provide tremendous value to students through introduction to their firms, making them aware of the recruitment process and supporting students in refining their career choices. The CEMS cohort has the chance of working closely with corporate and social partners as part of their compulsory Business Project. This provides students with unparalleled first-hand experience of the kind of tasks that these companies undertake daily. While studying in London translates into a world of opportunity, interacting with CEMS partners further enriches students’ academic experience, enabling everyone to gain valuable insights and bolster their skill set.” 

To find out more about the LSE GMiM and CEMS MIM dual degree, head over to LSE’s website

                                                                                               Monday 22 April 2024