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Research projects

Browse our current and past projects. 

Faculty across the Department of Management are working on major research initiatives in a range of areas, with impact in industry and policy worldwide.


Digital Healthcare research

Exploring the digitalisation of healthcare, in collaboration with the UK NHS and Department of Health. Find out more.


Innovation Co-Creation Lab 

Empowering organisations to reduce poverty through business model innovation at the base of the pyramid. Find out more.


Radical Innovation project 

Studying innovation in organisations, to gain new insight into the social and psychological factors which affect innovation. Find out more.



Research on contemporary issues related to the development and use of mobile and ubiquitous information technology. Find out more.


LSE Tech 

Research on innovation and technology management in organisations, industries, markets and policies. Find out more.


Identity Policy Research 

Research on the global challenges of identity policies. Find out more.


Outsourcing Unit 

Research on global issues surrounding outsourcing at the international, governmental and corporate levels. Find out more.