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Who We Are

SEDS is an interdisciplinary research unit established to foster the study of data science and new forms of data with a focus on its social, economic, and political aspects.

SEDS aims to host, facilitate and promote research in social and economic data science through an annual programme of seminars, workshops and research projects delivered by a range of academic experts and research students.

SEDS also forms a nexus for teaching and learning in data science, and for coordinating degree programs in data science that span departments, including the departments of StatisticsMethodology, and Mathematics.

SEDS also works closely with LSE's Data and Technology Services on advancing computing infrastructure and services, and delivering specialised training.

In promoting this social focus on data science, SEDS promotes training in data science and computational methods among social scientists. SEDS is a hub of computational social science at LSE, bringing together research and teaching and learning in this area regardless of the discipline where it is applied.

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