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FAQs for LLB offer-holders

The following are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by offer-holders beginning the LLB programme.

1. Who is my academic mentor?

You will be informed of your academic mentor by email a few days before the start of your first term. As far as possible the aim is to keep the same academic mentor throughout your studies here, but that is not always possible when academics go on leave.

2. What if I want to change my academic mentor?

This should be discussed with the Departmental Tutor, who will decide whether or not a reallocation is warranted.  

3. How do I make an appointment to see my academic mentor or class teacher?

Appointments with all full-time and part-time academics can be made via the Office Hours application on LSE for You.

4. What if I want to change a class?

The permission of the Departmental Tutor is required. Class change is not routine and is only allowed for good reason, e.g. religious reasons, child care commitments, work commitments. A class change can be requested on LSE For You by selecting the option ‘change class Group’ which appears within the ‘Selection of Courses’ tab. Your request will then be considered by the law school and you may be asked to provide documentary evidence in support of your application.  

5. Can I take an option taught by another LSE department?

Yes, you can take one outside option in either your second or third year. Please note however that examiners may decide to treat the achievements of an outside option differently for classification purposes. Whilst the choice to take an outside option is fully supported by the law school, students will, ideally, ensure they are likely to achieve the desired classification in a minimum of four of their seven other law options before electing to take a non-law option. Please note that while LSE Law School offers September resits for first and second year students, this is not commonly done by other LSE departments.

6. Can I take an option taught at another London college?

Yes, you can take one option taught at another London college, but this option must be directly related to the study of Law and must not be taught at LSE. You should fill in the form ‘Request to take a course outside LSE’, available from the Student Services Centre. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what options are available at other University of London colleges.

A list of University of London colleges is available on the UoL website.

7. Can I write a dissertation as part of my degree?

You can choose to do either a full unit or a half unit essay instead of a taught course in your third year. One course, Administrative Law, has both exam and assessed essay components. Both European Legal History and Legal and Social Change since 1750 offer the choice between assessment by exam or dissertation.

8. How do I select my options?

Course choice is done via LSE for You. Although first year courses are compulsory, students must still select these options – they will not be allocated to classes otherwise. Second and third year course choice goes online during week 8 of the Winter Term. Students must make their selections by the first or second week of July (the law school will circulate a specific date each year). Course choices can be amended on LSE for You until mid-October but many courses fill up quickly and student’s course choice preferences cannot be guaranteed after the July deadline. This process differs to the process for the rest of LSE's programmes.

9. Where can I seek help if I am experiencing difficulty?

Within the law school you can speak to various people:

Your academic mentor:  you can make an appointment via LSE for You

You can also seek advice from the Departmental Tutor, Dr Joe Spooner.

For any general enquiries about the LLB programme contact the Programme Administrator (

For more serious issues you can either contact Fiona Thomas, who is the LLB Manager (, or Professor Sarah Paterson who is the Programme Director (

Outside the law school there is also a wide variety of places you can go to seek help on campus.

The LSE runs a Student Counselling Service which is free and available to all registered students at the school.  There are 6 counsellors who work for the School. To make an appointment you can email  For further information about the service, visit the website: Student Counselling Service.

The Students Union also runs an Advice and Support Centre which is another free service available to all registered students. For further information, visit the website:

The LSE Faith Centre may also be able to help you.  They can be contacted by calling 020 7955 7965 or emailing The Faith Centre are based in Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, Room 2.01

It may be appropriate to seek help from the LSE Disability and Well-Being Office who offer help and support to students with disabilities. The website can be found at:

For students requiring academic support the Teaching and Learning Centre runs a series of study skills lectures and workshops, and also offers one-to-one tutorials.  Full details are on Moodle course Learning World.

There are various services at the School which may be able to provide additional support. For a list of these support services please see:

10. Where can I find past exam papers?

Past exam papers can be found at (accessible only from within LSE).