Global Tax Symposium

The mission of the Global Tax Symposia (GTS) is to become the first interdisciplinary mobile research platform on fundamental issues of international taxation. It is grounded on the belief that crossing African, American, Asian, Asian-Pacific and European perspectives is beneficial to all participants, especially in the current political and economic global context. 

The GTS aims to offer young researchers and more experienced scholars a forum where to discuss five papers every year in different cities on all continents. Each paper is discussed by an interdisciplinary and intercontinental panel whose members are leading tax academics, administrators, policymakers and practitioners.

The founding institutions are the following: Chinese University of Hong Kong and Wuhan University (People's Republic of China), London School of Economics (United Kingdom), University of Louvain (Belgium), University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Pretoria (South Africa), Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (Argentina), National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (India) and New York University (United States of America).

Programme details and video recordings of recent symposia


8 & 9 December 2021 Online Conference

10 December 2020 Online Conference

25 October 2019 Conference

The first Global Tax Symposium was held at the London School of Economics Law Department on Friday 25 October 2019.

Click here to download a copy of the programme for the Symposium on 25 October 2019

For video of each individual presentation please click on the presentation title below. 


Niamh Moloney (Head of Department, LSE Law), Eduardo Baistrocchi (Associate Professor, LSE Law)


Suranjali Tandon (National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India): "An Analysis of Transfer Pricing Disputes in India"

Martin Hearson (Institute of Development Studies): "An Unprecedented Surrender of Fiscal Sovereignty: Arbitration and Sovereignty in the Double Taxation Regime"

Ian Roxan (LSE Law): "Is VAT also a Corporate Tax? Untangling Tax Burdens and Benefits for Companies"

Mitchell Kane (NYU Law): "Collecting the Rent: The Global Battle to Capture MNE Profits"

Eduardo Baistrocchi (LSE Law): "The International Tax Regime and Global Power Shifts"

Edoardo Traversa (Université catholique de Louvain): "Territoriality, Abuse and Coherence in European Tax Law"

"The Future of the International Taxation System": Michael Lennard (Chief of International Tax Cooperation and Trade, Financing for the Development Office, United Nations), Michael Keen (Deputy Director of the IMF`s Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF), Benjamin Dickinson (Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD)


Eduardo Baistrocchi, Associate Professor of Law, LSE

Steering Committee:

Africa: Annet W. Oguttu, Professor of Law, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Asia: Professor Xiong Wei, Professor of Law, Wuhan University, People’s Republic of China; Yan Xu, Associate Professor of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China; Suranjali Tandon, Assistant Professor of Economics, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Republic of India. Asia-Pacific: Miranda Stewart, Professor of Law, University of Melbourne, Australia. The Americas: Mitchell Kane, Professor of Law, New York University, United States of America; Celina Valls, Adjunct Professor of Law, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina. Europe: Edoardo Traversa, Professor of Law, UCLouvain, Belgium; Eduardo Baistrocchi, Associate Professor of Law, London School of Economics, United Kingdom.

History of the Global Tax Symposia

Two book launches at LSE were precursors of the Global Tax Symposia concept.  First, Tsilly Dagan, International Tax Policy: Between Competition and Cooperation, Cambridge University Press, 2017. The transcript is available here. Second, E Baistrocchi (ed), A Global Analysis of Tax Treaty Disputes,Cambridge University Press, 2017. The videos are available here.

The LSE Law School (@LSELaw) is an integral part of the School's mission, plays a major role in policy debates and in the education of lawyers and law teachers from around the world.


Some images from the 25 October 2019 event:

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