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Public Law

Throughout the twentieth century LSE led the way in the development of public law scholarship in Britain. The pioneering work was undertaken during the interwar era by H.J. Laski, W.I. Jennings and W.A. Robson; many of the ground-breaking texts covering the range of constitutional and administrative law and promoting a distinctively 'modern' or 'functionalist' approach to the subject were written by these leading scholars. This distinctive approach was built upon and extended after 1945 by such scholars as S.A. de Smith, J.A.G. Griffith, J.D.B. Mitchell and Carol Harlow. In short, most of the leading scholarly texts in British public law have been written by LSE scholars. This tradition of innovation is today carried on by a strong team of scholars working on questions of both theory and practice in constitutional and administrative law (Martin Loughlin, Jo Murkens, Thomas Poole, Grégoire Webber, Mike Wilkinson), regulation (Robert Baldwin, Julia Black, Andrew Scott), and human rights law (Conor Gearty, Kai Möller).


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