Louise Damkjær Ibsen

PhD Student in Law (Visiting)

LSE Law School

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Danish, English, German
Key Expertise
Financial Regulation

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Thesis title

'Regulatory challenges in the light of FinTech' [provisional]


Associate Professor Niels Skovmand Rasmussen and Professor Jesper Lau Hansen 

Research interests/areas

Financial Regulation, Financial Law, Capital Markets Law, Company Law and Law & Economics

Louise is a visiting research student in Law, her home institution being the Law Department at the University of Southern Denmark. She holds an LLB and LLM in Law from the University of Southern Denmark.  

Her PhD project explores the regulatory challenges arising with FinTech with a focus on the implementation of regulation for 3rd party payment systems. The thesis is scoped in a theoretical framework of market/non-market failure theory which combine traditional legal dogmatics with law & economics.  

Affiliations / Memberships

PhD Candidate at the University of Southern Denmark