Tackling the Information Crisis


The LSE Truth, Trust and Technology Commission, which included Professor Andrew Murray as one of its Commissioners, has reported. This important report recommends the formation of an Independent Platform Agency (IPA) a watchdog which would evaluate the effectiveness of platform self-regulation and the development of quality journalism, reporting to Parliament and offering policy advice. It should be funded by a new levy on UK social media and search advertising revenue. The Agency should be a permanent forum for monitoring and reviewing the behaviour of online platforms and provide annual reviews of ‘the state of disinformation’. The Commission has spent a year addressing questions such as 'How should we reduce the amount of misinformation?’ 'How can we protect democracy from digital damage?’ and 'How can we help people make the most of the extraordinary opportunities of the Internet while avoiding the harm it can cause?’ In addition to it’s key recommendation it also proposes a new programme of media literacy and a statutory code for political advertising. Read the full report Tackling the Information Crisis: A Policy Framework for Media System Resilience