Shaghai Skyline

Your year abroad

Study abroad at Fudan University

As part of your BSc Language, Culture and Society degree programme

Life at Fudan University

Fudan University is one of the most prestigious universities in China. It has four campuses.

Handan campus, in the Yangpu District, is the main one and this is where you will study at the International Cultural Exchange School.

The teaching building is called Guanghua Tower. You cannot miss it, as it is the tallest building on campus.

The student dining hall is next to the Guanghua Tower. This is a wonderful place to try some local food and meet with other students on campus.

There are also plenty of food choices nearby. Wujiaochang is a huge shopping and dining plaza located only 10 minutes walk from campus. Wujiaochang also offer lots of entertainment, such as KTV and cinema.

Transportation is quick and easy, the Number 10 metro line goes straight into the city centre. There are also buses just off the campus, which can take you around the local area.

In terms of accommodation for international students, Fudan is partnered with Unijia. This accommodation is directly opposite the campus. Private options can also be found quite easily very close to the main campus.

Leo Pan has produced a short presentation with useful tips for your time in China.

Study during your year abroad

Students will take 4 core modules at Fudan University. This will mirror a typical LSE year.

Each module will involve 4-6 contact hours per week for 30 weeks. This is across two semesters and exclusive of an examination period.

  • Module 1 Chinese language and society - Reading and Writing; this is a language course focusing on developing your reading and writing skills in Chinese
  • Module 2 Chinese language and society - Listening and Speaking; this is a language course focusing on developing your listening and speaking skills in Chinese
  • Module 3 Chinese culture studies; this is a hybrid module looking at Chinese culture through literature, history, language and other aspects
  • Module 4 An outside option; this is a free option. You can choose a course to take that reflects your specific areas of interest related to Chinese society and culture

Please remember this important information from your programme regulations:

Students must pass all assessments set by Fudan University in order to be eligible for the award of the degree.

Where a student fails an assessment they will be provided a resit either in Fudan at the end of the year abroad or when they are back in London at the start of the final year of the programme.