LSE-IDB Postgraduate Essay Prize 2018

We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the LSE-IDB Postgraduate Essay Prize for a paper dealing with Development in Latin America and the Caribbean was awarded to Ana Irys De Menezes Silva for her essay looking at Climatic and non-climatic determinants of vector-borne diseases under climate change scenarios: projections for Dengue Fever incidence in Brazil.

Ana’s study used data for Brazil, the world’s most Dengue-affected country, where according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health approximately 9,274,123 people were infected between 1990 – 2014. The research models a number of cases based on historical data to project future incidence under climate and societal change scenarios. Through modelling Brazilian Dengue present, as well as the future distribution, might be of important significance to the understanding of the causes of the disease worldwide.

You can now listen to the podcast from this year’s IDB conference based on the report Better Spending for Better Lives: how Latin America and the Caribbean can do more with less. The conference focused on how governments can spend better in order to improve livelihoods and build trust in the legitimacy of public institutions. The conference brought together members of the IDB, LSE and think tanks to examine how governments can allocate resources efficiently in fiscally challenging circumstances, specifically how they can promote economic growth, raise peoples’ living standards and improve public policy outcomes in sectors such as education, health and security.

Listen to the podcast

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