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Research from staff, visiting fellows, and associates


Violence, Security, and Peacebuilding

With research on urban violence, peacebuilding, masculinity, and gangs, in Colombia, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

cities & citizenship 1x1

Cities, Citizenship, and Social Inclusion

Featuring research on migration, gendered poverty, graffiti, and ethnography, in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and wider Latin America.

Mexico 130 x 130

Co-Constructing Human Security in Mexico: Methodology and Action Plan from the Communities Towards the State

Women, men, youths and the elderly together with a diverse team of researchers analyse the insecurity issues that affect neighbourhoods in Acapulco, Apatzingán, Guadalupe and Tijuana.

Ponte Estaiada_130x130

Long-Run Development in Latin America

Papers from the Second Annual LSE-Stanford-Universidad de los Andes conference, held at LSE, London, 16 - 17 May, 2018.

LSE LACC-Grantham-NAFIN Working Papers

Rentería Bravo, Marisol. (2019) Assessing and Managing Climate Risk Exposure, LSE LACC-Grantham-NAFIN Fellowship Programme Working Paper No 3. 

Espinosa García, Cesar G. (2018) Shadow Carbon Pricing and the Role of Development Banks, LSE LACC-Grantham-NAFIN Fellowship Programme Working Paper No 2.

Pérez Montero, Emilio G. (2017) How can national development banks address key challenges associated with raising climate finance to increase investment flows for projects in their countries? Case study: the role of NAFIN in enabling climate finance flows into Mexico, LSE LACC-Grantham-NAFIN Fellowship Programme Working Paper No 1.