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The Centre collaborates with a range of partners to produce and share leading research relevant to the region.

Gareth Jones, Centre Director

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Canning House

Canning House and LACC have partnered in the establishment of the Canning House Research Forum, hosted at LSE. The Forum is a five-year rolling programme of research and policy engagement, consisting of project outputs as well as events.

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The Violence, Security, and Peace Network

A collaborative partnership that generates research-based knowledge and understanding on the crisis of violence and security in Latin America, informs policy debates on Latin America’s pathways to peace, and produces lessons relevant to other situations of violence, war, and post-war. 

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The Inter-American Development Bank 

The IDB Group and LSE signed a memorandum of understanding to promote programmes and projects that foster cooperation between them, given their common focus on the Latin American and Caribbean region. The relationship is led by LACC.