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Social Unrest in Colombia and Chile: Causes and Cures (Panel 2) (Watch the video or podcast

Why did Colombia and Chile experience bouts of social unrest and street violence recently? What are the roots of this discontent and what can be done about it? Might a new social contract in those countries provide a way out?


  • Mauricio Cárdenas 
  • Ricardo Lagos 
  • Juan Manuel Santos 
  • Baroness Shafik 

Chair and moderator: 

  • Professor Andrés Velasco

Social Unrest in Colombia and Chile: Causes and Cures (Panel 1) (Watch the video

Why did Colombia and Chile experience bouts of social unrest and street violence recently? What are the roots of this discontent and what can be done about it?


  • Professor Ana Arjona 
  • Dr Marcela Ríos 
  • Dr Mauricio Cárdenas 
  • Professor Andrés Velasco

Chair and Moderator: 

  • Professor Gareth Jones 

Opportunities for Stronger and Sustainable Post-Pandemic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean (watch the video or podcast

This panel from the IDB and LSE will discuss the 2021 Latin American and Caribbean Macroeconomic Report and its diagnosis of a rapidly changing environment and policy recommendations aimed to bring relief, maintain economic stability, and keep the core of the economy intact.


  • Dr Eduardo Cavallo 
  • Marla Dukharan 
  • Dr Andrew Powell 
  • Professor Andrés Velasco

Chair and moderator: 

  • Professor Gareth Jones
brazil-view from Papagaio slum-in-belo-horizonte-200x200

Breaking the inequality mould in Latin America (watch video)

Rethinking inequality reduction programmes in post-COVID Latin America is timely and urgent. What are the best ways forward?

• Dr Laura Carvalho, LSE International Development
• Prof Francisco Ferreira, LSE International Inequalities Institute
• Dr Alice Krozer, Colegio de México
• Dr Amir Lebdioui, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre

Chair and moderator:
• Prof Gareth Jones, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre
• Cristina Cortes, Canning House


Stimulating a Green Recovery in Latin America (watch the video)

What steps do we need to take to achieve a green recovery? What constraints must be overcome? And what tools can help us to green our industrial and energy sectors?

• Dr Manuel Albaladejo, UN Industrial Development Organisation
• Lisa Viscidi, Inter-American Dialogue
• Dr Joseluis Samaniego,  UN ECLAC/CEPAL
• Dr Amir Lebdioui, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre

• Prof Kathryn Hochstetler, LSE International Development


Deepening democracy in Chile: from social crisis to constitutional revolution? (watch the video)

What caused Chile's mass protests in 2020? Will a new consitution satisfy social and political demands for change? Will it be able to lay the foundations for a fairer and more equitable society?

• Prof Emmanuelle Barozet, University of Chile
• Prof Javier Couso, Diego Portales University
• Prof Oscar Landerretche, University of Chile

• Prof Kirsten Sehnbruch, LSE International Inequalities Institute

woman man coronavirus test-cc-200x200

COVID-19 in Latin America: the lessons for public policy, inequality, and innovation (watch the video)

How has government policy in the region responded to the pandemic – both the successes and failures in terms of vector control, but also impacts? What lessons have been learned from previous epidemics? What is the importance of pharmaceutical innovation, trust, and institutional resilience?

• Prof Ken Shadlen, LSE International Development
• Dr Clare Wenham, LSE Health Policy
• Dr Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow

• Prof Gareth Jones, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre


We Are Cuba! How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet World (watch the video)

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba faced a crisis that decimated its economy. So how did and does the socialist system manage to survive?

• Dr Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow
• Prof William LeoGrande, American University
• Dr Emily Morris, University College London


Infrastructure in Latin America: from the investment gap to spending efficiency (watch the video)

• Bank
• Antonella Bancalari, doctoral candidate, LSE Social Policy

imf ocampo 200x200

An IMF for the 21st Century (listen to the podcast)

• Prof José Antonio Ocampo, Columbia University SIPA and Central Bank of Colombia

• Prof Jean-Paul Faguet, LSE International Development 

sao paulo cityscape 200x200

The rise and fall of the Brazilian economy (watch the video)

• Laura Carvalho, University of São Paulo

• Robert Wade, LSE Department of International Development

Fajardo 130 x 130

In conversation with Sergio Fajardo (listen to the podcast)

• Sergio Fajardo, Colombian politician
• Andrés Velasco, Dean, LSE School of Public Policy

Ernesto 130 x 130

Cuba-US relations in the 21st century 

Speakers: Ernesto Domínguez López, Professor, University of Havana and Seida Barrera Rodríguez, Professor and associate researcher at the Centre for the Study of Cuban Economy (CEEC), University of Havana. 

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Citizenship 130 x 130

Uncertain citizenship: everyday practices of Bolivian migrants in Chile 

Speakers: Megan Ryburn, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the LSE Latin America and Carribean Centre, Professor Linda McDowell, Senior Professorial Researcher, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford and Professor Cathy McIllwaine, Department of Geography, King's College London. 

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AMLO 130 x 130

The left in Latin America: Mexico

Speakers: Jo Tuckman, Journalist, Dr Alejandra Díaz de León, Research Officer in the Department of Sociology and Professor Jenny Pearce,Research Professor with the Centre. 

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Brazil 130 x 130

Beyond populism: the rise of Bolsonaro in Brazil 

Speakers: Edesio Fernandes, Legal Scholar and International Consultant, Dr Jeff Garmany, King’s Brazil Institute at King’s College London, Pedro Mendes Loureiro, Lecturer in Latin American Studies at the Centre of Latin American Studies at Cambridge and Mara Nogueira, Fellow in Human Geography at LSE.

Chair: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch, Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science LSE.

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Traffic_Event Listing_130 x130

Trafficking in trust: armoured cars in Guatemala City 

Speakers: Professor Kevin Lewis O'Neill, Director of the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto, with Dr Suzanne Hall as discussant, Associate Professor in Sociology, Director of the Cities Programme, LSE.

Chair: Dr Austin Zeiderman, Associate Professor of Geography, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE.

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Venezuela 130 x 130

Forever on the brink: crisis in Venezuela 

Speaker: Professor Ricardo Hausmann, Director of Harvard's Center for International Development and Professor of the Practice of Economic Development at the Kennedy School of Government
Chair: Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of LSE School of Public Policy

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Open Data 130 x 130

Open data in Latin America: accountable governments in a 
digital age 
Speaker: Fabrizio Scrollini, Executive Director of the Latin American Open Data Initiative
Chair: Professor Francisco Panizza, LSE Department of Government 

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IDB_Event Listing_130 x130

Doing more with less: efficient spending for better lives
Speakers: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet, Professor of the Political Economy of Development, Alejandro Izquierdo, Chief Economist and Manager a.i., Research Department IDB, Carola Pessino, Fiscal & Municipal Management Principal Specialist, IDB, Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy
Chair: Irene Mia, Global Editorial Director, Economist Intelligence Unit 

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Implosions 130x130

The left in Latin America: Nicaragua & Venezuela 
Speakers: Eline van Ommen, LSE International History, Prof Francisco Panizza, LSE Department of Government, Dr Matt Wilde, Leicester University, Department of Geography Chair: Dr Tanya Harmer, LSE International History

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Third edition of the ‘Social Entrepreneurship 360’ series, sponsored by Santander
Presenters: José Tomás Lobo - City Director in Santiago de Chile for Laboratoria, Alina Truhina - Director, Partnerships & Growth, A2B, Maureen Salmon - Founder, Freshwaters Consultancy
Chair: Dr Nadia Millington - LSE

Listen to the podcast (with presentation video)

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IMG_1252 Boyd Tanks 3 200x200

The first great divergence: how culture transformed our species
17 May 2018
Speaker: Professor Robert Boyd (Arizona State University)
Chair: Professor Jean-Paul Faguet (LSE)

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IMG_1221 Panel Discussion Klein point Podcast 1-1

LSE-Stanford-Universidad de los Andes conference on long-run development in Latin America - Panel Discussion
17 May 2018 
Chairs: Jean-Paul Faguet (LSE) and Alberto Díaz-Cayeros (Stanford)
Speakers: Adam Przeworski (NYU) Carles Boix (Princeton) David Soskice (LSE) Robert Wade (LSE) Herbert Klein (Stanford) Leandro Prados de la Escosura (UC3M)

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Fixing food: insights from the Food Sustainability Index
5 March 2018
Speaker: Dr Irene Mia, Global Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit.
Chair: Dr Álvaro Méndez, Co-director, Global South Unit

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light bulp 1x1

Social Entrepreneurship 360° - second workshop
1 March 2018
Speakers: Gino Tubaro - Atomic Lab, Vincent Zimmer - Kiron Open Higher Education, Thomas Diley - Ajabu Moringa.
Chair: Nadia Millington - LSE

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Villas argentina1x1

Urban growth and access to opportunities: a challenge for Latin America
27 February 2018
Speakers: Dr Pablo Sanguinetti - Chief Economist, CAF Development Bank of Latin America, Professor Anthony Venables - Oxford University, Professor Gareth Jones - Director, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre. Chair: Dr Álvaro Méndez Co-director, LSE Global South Unit

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PODCAST - Mexico citizenship130x130

Citizenship without walls in contemporary Mexico
Speakers: Professor Agustín Escobar Latapí, Professor Mercedes González de la Rocha, and Professor Matthew Gutmann
Chair: Professor Sylvia Chant,  Professor of Development Geography

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PODCAST - Peru-130x130

From trickle-down to middle-out economics: Peru's developmental paradox
Speaker: Dr Julio Guzmán

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PODCAST-SE 360_130x130

Social Entrepreneurship 360° - lessons learned

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PODCAST-SE 360_130x130

Social Entrepreneurship 360° - Q&A

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PODCAST-SE 360_130x130

Social Entrepreneurship 360° - presentations
Speaker: Camila Campos; Nicole Valdebenito; Eveline Smeets; Iliana Zuluaga Vega; Ken Banks

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PODCAST - Horacio Rodriguez Larreta

Buenos Aires as a global city
Speaker: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (Mayor of Buenos Aires)

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PODCAST - Graciana del Castillo 130x130

Obstacles to peacebuilding: the economics of post-war foreign intervention
Speaker: Dr Graciana del Castillo

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PODCAST - Meirelles-130x130

Reform to recovery: where next for the Brazilian economy?
Speaker: Henrique Meirelles, Finance Minister of Brazil

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PODCAST - CIO panel 1-130x130

Colombia inside out
Panel 3 - Competitiveness and Urban Development

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PODCAST - CIO panel 2-130x130

Colombia inside out
Panel 2 - Key Infrastructure Projects: Developments and Outlook

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PODCAST - CIO panel 3-130x130

Colombia inside out
Panel 1 - Macroeconomic View on Colombia

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PODCAST - Mitrotti-130x130

Pathways to peace in Colombia
Speaker: Joshua Mitrotti, Director, Agency for Reintegration

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