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The LACC is committed to investing in academic talent and consolidating its position as the hub for research and engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean at the LSE.

The LACC is characterised by its capacity to attract academic talent from the Latin American region to contribute to the ground-breaking thinking of the LSE. The Centre has a genuine commitment to scientific dissemination beyond the English language and a solid digital presence through its social media and Blog – a valuable resource to extend the reach and impact of our research. Our research focuses on these key topics.

We need our friends’ support to continue growing.

How you can support the growth of the LSE LACC

As a member of our LSE community, alumni, and friends you can direct donations to the LACC via the LSE Regular Giving programme. This programme helps LSE maintain its status as a world-class university and the LACC to deliver on its research and engagement activities such as:

Our PhD community

The LACC PhD Community brings together all Latin American and Caribbean-focused PhD students across the LSE. We offer a space to foster academic conversations on the region across all disciplines. The Community's goal is to strengthen our Latin American and Caribbean students' sense of belonging to academia and provide social support within the LSE academic environment.

Our Research dissemination

The LACC has made a solid commitment to scientific dissemination beyond the limits of the English language. Our highly renowned Blog publishes research-based articles in English, Portuguese, and Spanish making information accessible and within reach of the wider audiences interested in the region.

Our Visiting Fellows Programme

The Centre's Visiting Fellows programme enables researchers in the early stages of their career to spend a period of at least three months in London in order to dedicate time to research. The programme is intended for researchers outside the LSE, especially from Latin America and the Caribbean institutions, or researchers who work on topics relevant to our areas of interest. It allows these researchers to actively be involved in the international and multidisciplinary environment of our Centre, contribute to the LSE LACC intellectual life and experience the LSE.

 If you wish to support our efforts, please donate online. These unrestricted gifts allow us to invest in the areas that will support our community at the LSE.

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