Student events

We run a great range of student events for you to explore IR outside of the classroom, and to enhance our community.


Special Event!

Meet the Researcher 
China-Iran Relations: Swinging between Expectations and Realities
with Dr Anahita Motazed Rad

Tuesday 12 March 2024
Room: CKK 2.06

Join Dr Anahita Motazed Rad, Visiting Senior Fellow in the Department of International Relations at LSE as she discusses China-Iran Relations: Swinging between expectations and realities.

In this talk, Dr Anahita Motazed Rad will explore the intricate dynamics of China-Iran relations at the regional and international levels, through the lenses of Realism and Interdependence. She will illustrate how, when states have different expectations from each other, the inconsistency between expectations and realities may result in a strategic fault.

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Careers events

There are a wide range of careers events planned for you. The Department works closely with LSE Careers to give you opportunities to explore your professional development. 

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Spheres of Influence

Held throughout Winter Term, these seminars for 2nd/3rd year undergraduate and postgraduate students give you the opportunity to learn about the diverse ways your studies of International Relations can translate into professional life. A speaker working in the field of IR will present their career trajectory, and then focus on a particular IR topic that is relevant to their work, before opening the floor to a more informal discussion about where your IR degree can take you.

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(Un)Resolved: An Informal Debate about Current Events

These very informal sessions put the spotlight on a topical news item, which you explore from an IR perspective, with pizza. Conversational and casual, (Un)Resolved is a brilliant way to put your knowledge of IR into practice!

Hosted by a member of IR faculty, these sessions are open to all students and faculty in the Department of International Relations. 

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Food for Thought

This is your opportunity to share a two-course lunch in the Senior Dining Room with a member of the IR faculty and discuss an article or piece of content that will be sent around in advance. 

These small lunches are limited to just twelve attendees - six undergraduates and six postgraduates - meaning you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and the academic’s research interests in much greater detail than you otherwise might.

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