Food for Thought

We're delighted to introduce our Food for Thought series!

This is your opportunity to share a two-course lunch in the Senior Dining Room with a member of the IR faculty and discuss an article or piece of content that will be sent around in advance. 

These small lunches are limited to just twelve attendees - six undergraduates and six postgraduates - meaning you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and the academic’s research interests in much greater detail than you otherwise might.

As places are limited, you need to register to attend. 

Please note that if you register for Food for Thought, you must give at least 24 hours notice if you will not be able to attend. If you do not give us notice, and fail to attend the event on the day, you will be deprioritised in registering for future events within the department. 



Dr Victoria Paniagua
Assistant Professor in International Political Economy
Department of International Relations

Thursday 7 March 2024, 12.30pm to 2.00pm
Senior Dining Room

Join Dr Victoria Paniagua, Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, to discuss "Economic Development in Latin America: New Challenges".

Her research is at the intersection between international and comparative political economy and centers on the historical and contemporary drivers of development and redistribution.

She received her PhD in Political Science from Duke University. Her dissertation was the 2019 recipient of the Mancur Olson Award for the best dissertation in political economy completed in the previous two years given by the American Political Science Association. 

Find out more about Victoria Paniagua and her research

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Dr Katharine Millar
Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations

Wednesday 13 March 2024, 12.30pm to 2.00pm
Senior Dining Room

Join Dr Katharine Millar, Associate Professor of International Relations to discuss cybersecurity governance and rights.

Her broad research interests lie in examining the gendered cultural narratives underlying political violence and the modern collective use of force. Her on-going research examines gender, race, sexuality and the transnational politics of death; gender and cybersecurity; and the politics of hypocrisy. Dr Millar has also published on female combatants, gendered representations of violent death, military and civilian masculinity, and critical conceptions of militarism. 

Dr Millar's prize-winning book, Support the Troops: Military Obligation, Gender, and the Making of Political Community, was published in 2022 by Oxford University Press.

Find out more about Katharine Millar and her research

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We are committed to providing transformational opportunities beyond the classroom in line with LSE's Student Futures programme. This activity contributes to 'Investigating and Researching'.