Now or Never: crafting the global COVID-19 response

Hosted by Institute of Global Affairs and the School of Public Policy

Online public event


Rt Hon Gordon Brown

Dame Minouche Shafik

Professor Lawrence H Summers

Professor Andrés Velasco


Professor Erik Berglof

This unprecedented global crisis requires an unprecedented global response. The first contours of such a response are slowly emerging, but there are important missing pieces and the speed and scale are not sufficient. Most of the measures taken so far have come from the international financial institutions, with the G20 Leaders slowly catching up. The G20 Finance Ministers meeting and the IMF Spring meetings took place last week and we know have a G20 Action Plan. Regional leaders have also taken steps to address the crisis in their respective regions. This panel will take stock of where we are and what needs to happen in coming months.

Rt Hon Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Dame Minouche Shafik, Director, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Professor Lawrence H. Summers, President Emeritus and Charles W. Eliot University Professor at Harvard University and former US Treasury Secretary and Director, National Economic Council.

Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean, LSE School of Public Policy.

Professor Erik Berglof, Director, Institute of Global Affairs, LSE School of Public Policy.

This event is part of the LSE Series on COVID-19 Crisis Management and Post-Crisis Reconstruction - lessons from the past and early insights from the current crisis

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