Human Mobility: towards enhanced integration and social cohesion

Hosted by the Institute of Global Affairs and the School of Public Policy and the Centre for Economic Policy R

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Dominik Hangartner

Dominik Hangartner

Associate Professor, ETH Zurich and LSE

Bilal Malaeb

Bilal Malaeb

Postdoctoral Research Officer, Institute of Global Affairs, LSE

Shaden Khallaf

Shaden Khallaf

Senior Policy Advisor, UNHCR Middle East, North Africa

Tauhid Pasha

Tauhid Pasha

Senior Programme Coordinator and Labour Migration Specialist, IOM


Dr Angelo Martelli

Dr Angelo Martelli

Assistant Professor in European and International Political Economy, European Institute, LSE

Migration and forced displacement feature prominently in national, regional, and global politics and policies. Yet, the debate is often infused with a political and populist narrative that is not founded in evidence. Given this backdrop, the webinar on Human Mobility will seek to have a factual discussion on these emotive issues, grounded in recent research. The panel will also discuss a set of potential policy solutions to both improve the integration of migrants and refugees in labour markets and to promote healthy attitudes towards them to bolster social cohesion.

Dominik Hangartner, Associate Professor, ETH Zurich and LSE.

Gibril Faal is a multi-disciplinary business and development executive. He is professor in practice at LSE, and co-founder and director of GK Partners, which advises socially responsible businesses and development institutions across the world.

Shaden Khallaf (@shadenkhallaf), Senior Policy Advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for the Middle East and North Africa.

Bilal Malaeb (@b_malaeb), Postdoctoral Research Officer, Institute of Global Affairs, LSE.

Angelo Martelli (@angelo_martelli), Assistant Professor in European and International Political Economy, European Institute, LSE.

Tauhid Pasha, Senior Programme Coordinator and Labour Migration Specialist, IOM.

Doménica Avila Luna is the Student Lead for the Maryam’s Forum’s Co-Lab on Human Mobility. She is Second Year student of the Master of Public Administration programme at LSE.

This session is part of the LSE Conference on “One Year On: Lessons Learnt and ‘New Normals’ in a Post-COVID World “hosted  under the LSE Maryam Forum. Click here to view all conference sessions.

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