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2018 LSE Students' Union North Korea Forum

Hosted by the Institute of Global Affairs

Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE, United Kingdom

Concerned about the issues surrounding North Korea that are threatening the stability of the global community, the LSE SU Korea Future Forum, China Development Society and Japan Society, with support from the LSE Institute of Global Affairs (IGA), have come together to hold the 2018 LSE SU North Korea Forum: Before He Presses the Button.

The forum will uncover diverse issues relevant to North Korea by tackling not only internal matters, such as the sprouting market economy, humanitarian crimes and social structures in North Korea, but also external matters including nuclear crisis, security dynamics, sanctions and negotiations, cooperation and unification.

The Forum will be unique in two aspects. Firstly, top academics and government officials from South Korea, China and Japan will be invited to explicate each country’s stance on a wide range of North Korea issues. On top of that, the Forum will be the world’s most premier conference devoted to North Korea issues. 

17 world-class experts have confirmed their participation, such as the Former 1st Class Agent of North Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Founding Member of the British Embassy in Pyongyang, Former Special Envoy for Six Party Talks and Founding Member of the U.S. National Committee on North Korea, to name a few. 

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