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The 4th Conference of the Alliance of Lead Universities on Migration (ALUM)

Universities Responding to the Refugee Crisis

ALUM 2017 ALUM 2017

In this conference, members of the Alliance of Leading Universities on Migration (ALUM) presented and deliberated the critical role that universities can play in the current refugee crisis in Lebanon, and how they can ameliorate the situation of refugees by providing realistic ideas and policy proposals to the multiple challenges refugees face in their current predicament. 

We focussed on the implications of the ongoing challenging political context related to the current migration/displacement of so many people, and how the current public perception has been evolving over the years. We also focussed on the various health challenges facing refugees, including nutrition and basic healthcare provision.

A crucial point we discussed was education, and the challenges refugees faced in accessing primary, secondary and tertiary education. Lastly, we explored the role the private sector can play in job creation for those that are displaced. 

During the second day of the conference, most academics took part of a working breakfast, in which they drafted the Beirut Declaration. This resulted in a short statement on how academics can best support evidence-based and politically feasible policy-making and the most pressing current issues in migration and refugee crisis at a time of increased anti-globalization and anti-migration sentiment in important parts of the world.

Pre-Event Workshop

Volkswagen Foundation/Wellcome Trust and Open Society Foundation Research Projects Launch

5th November 2017 11:00-18:00

Pre-event workshop focusing on the research projects funded by the Volkswagen Foundation/Wellcome Trust as well as the Open Society Foundation, with presentations from its principal investigators, held at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, AUB.

INET Young Scholars Initiative @AUB

Challenging Conventional Wisdom: the Economics of Migration and Public Perception

5th November 2017 14:00-18:00

The INET Young Scholars Initiative @AUB event took place under the theme Challenging Conventional Wisdom: the Economics of Migration and Public Perception. It's focus was set on research projects in the area of the Economics of Migration and Public Perception of Migration, with presentations from young scholars and contributions from ALUM researchers.

Download the agenda 

ALUM Conference

Universities Responding to the Refugee Crisis

6th-7th November 2017 8:30-18:00

Download the agenda

Beirut Declaration

At the closure of the conference, Dr Nasser Yassin (Director of Research, Issam Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, AUB), Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi (LSE IGA Programme Director) and Professor Erik Berglof (Director of the LSE IGA), publicly announced the Beirut Declaration on the Role of Univerisities in the Refugee Crisis.

Download the Beirut Declaration here



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Pre-event workshop at AUB
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Pre-event workshop at AUB
INET Young Scholars Initiative @AUB
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4th ALUM Conference
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Announcement of Beirut Declaration