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About the IGA

Who we are

The IGA aims to contribute to building a vibrant intellectual environment for original, rigorous and significant thinking based on research with broader impact at the LSE School of Public Policy.

We aim to maximize the impact of LSE’s leading expertise across the social sciences by shaping inclusive and locally-rooted responses to the most important and pressing global challenges.

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Rethinking the world - together

By employing multidisciplinary approaches and encouraging evidence-based policy making, IGA aspires to promote deeper understanding and peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge across emerging and developing economies. The IGA wants to offer a 'safe space' that is open, fair and transparent and where students, government, private sector and civil society from all around the world can meet to address the challenges of the 21st century.

In 2017, IGA launched the LSE Global Policy Lab as a platform for engaging with emerging economies on global challenges. The Global Policy Lab is bringing together researchers from across LSE and beyond on five challenges: global growth (Middle Income Trap), global finance (Rethinking Global Finance), migration (Global Migration Initiative), disinformation (Arena Project) and Climate and the Ocean (Blue Finance). Each one of these programmes has one or two LSE lead academics. IGA’s own research contribution focuses on the financial governance of these challenge – how to finance efforts and what architecture to use to address these challenges.

IGA currently engages faculty and students from ten academic departments and provides a hub for six regional centres at the LSE. We are in the process of developing the Maryam Forum - a unique IGA/SPP initiative to identify, help bring together and train future leaders in emerging economies, connecting them to academics and policymakers in advanced economies. In line with LSE’s 2030 Strategy it will draw on expertise from across the School’s wider academic community, informed by policy-relevant research and driven by active student engagement. It is intended to help “Shape the World”.

Our vision

  • We aim to have regional centres covering all major geographies which will build the local networks and partnerships enabling us to link up to global research and knowledge in a peer-to-peer fashion. In addition, we will establish a global policy lab that will enable us to carry out experiments to link research with policy interventions.
  • We are establishing five global initiatives on migration, global financial architecture, health and urbanisation, climate finance and governance that involve world-class researchers and exceptional students from across LSE as well as external partners from academia, policy environments and the private sector. Through each initiative, we aim to generate a set of research projects, and will, in each case, collect data and other evidence that measures and substantiates impact on real-world policy decisions or the thinking of important stakeholders. We will pursue innovative solutions to hard global and local challenges.
  • We aim to serve as a transparent, honest and fair space for researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders from government, the private sector and civil society to discuss challenging issues in a non-partisan environment.
  • We will make a major contribution to LSE’s overall knowledge exchange through public and bespoke events as well as traditional and social media working with our local academic and policy partners.

Our partners

Join us

You can help support our aim to lead the world in delivering high quality, high impact and multidisciplinary research and policy initiatives on the most critical of global challenges. We will also invite you to guide G-POL in an advisory capacity.

Funding priorities

LSE has provided significant seed money to start building up the G-POL through 2016 and many of our initial projects have partial and even full funding. We now are looking for individuals, corporations and foundations to support our budding venture of policy-focused high quality research and high impact at this critical juncture:

  • Naming the Global Policy Lab - Your opportunity to provide a transformative gift that will truly cement the foundations of the Global Policy Lab and enable a step change in LSE's impact through interdisciplinary, international and issue-orientated social science.
  • Driving research innovation - Your opportunity to make a powerful investment in path-breaking, world leading research that tackles the most pressing global issues of our times. You enable joint work by global and local researchers under lead scholars.
  • Supporting research networks and exchange programmes - Your opportunity to help link up and nurture the next generation of exceptional scholars and policy makers, giving them direct access to real-world settings and issues. You will be placing them on a trajectory to becoming  leading lights in the global research and policy arena.
  • Fostering engagement and understanding - Your opportunity to vastly increase the reach of the work of the IGA through public events series, weblogs, working papers and training programmes that have the potential to reach LSE's annual audience of over one million people around the world.

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