Memos and Policy Briefings

Updates and briefings from our research findings


The Kismayo Bubble - Justice and Security in Jubbaland

March 2021

Nisar Majid and Khalif Abdirahman


Local dimensions of conflict, governance and the political markerplace in South Sudan

Feruary 2021

Flora McCrone in collaboration with the Bridge Network


Finding Peace in Somalia: the Galkaio ‘local’ Peace Agreement

November 2020

Nisar Majid and Marika Theros, with Khalif Abdirahman



Do Local Agreements Forge Peace? The Case of Eastern DRC

August 2020

by Claude Iguma Wakenge and Koen Vlassenroot


Priorities for Peace in South Sudan

August 2020

by David Deng

Syria covid memo

COVID-19 in Syria: policy options

July 2020

by Zaki Mehchy, Mazen Gharibah and Rim Turkmani

covid19_syria_healthcare capacity

COVID-19 pandemic: Syria’s response and healthcare capacity

March 2020

by Mazen Gharibah and Zaki Mehchy

Inter ethnic violence SRS

Inter-ethnic violence in Ethiopia's Somali Regional State, 2017 - 2018

March 2020

by Tobias Hagmann and Mustafe Mohamed Abdi


A Theory of Change for Violent Political Marketplaces

February 2020

by Alex de Waal, Aditya Sarkar, Sarah Detzner and Ben Spatz

SRS feb 2020

Relations between Somali Regional State and Somaliland, 2010 - 2019

February 2020

by Mustafe Mohamed Abdi and Tobias Hagmann


South Sudan: The Politics of Delay

December 2019

by Alex de Waal, Alan Boswell, David Deng, Rachel Ibreck, Matthew Benson and Jan Pospisil

transnational conflict in africa

Transnational Conflict in Africa

October 2019

by Alex de Waal, Noel Twagiramungu, Allard Duursma and, Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe 


The Perils of Payroll Peace

March 2019

by Alex de Waal and Alan Boswell