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October 2017 – March 2021

exploring the logics of the political marketplace and identity politics through the framework of civicness

What is the Conflict Research Programme?

The Conflict Research Programme (CRP) is a four year research programme hosted by LSE IDEAS. The goal is to understand and analyse the nature of contemporary conflict and to identify international interventions that ‘work’ in the sense of reducing violence or contributing more broadly to the security of individuals and communities who experience conflict.

It is often assumed that contemporary conflicts are the consequence of ‘fragile’, ‘failed’ or ‘collapsed’ states. The CRP uses the concept of public authority, which could refer to a state, a municipality, a chiefdom or an international organisation—or any emergent form of socio-political institution. The programme investigates how different forms of public authority actually function; and we argue that levels of violence and insecurity tend to depend on the nature of the different logics. 

Read our Research Framework for more information.

Where are we working?

Our five research sites are:

As well as our five sites, we are also conducting research in the wider Horn of Africa/Red Sea and Arabian Gulf/Middle East regions.

We take a comparative politics approach to analysing the specifics of these locations, whilst also elaborating on local political idioms to better understand the complex economic and social underpinnings of politics and conflict that help explain the frustrations of state-building. 

Who is funding us?

The CRP is an international research consortium led by the LSE that holds a £6.68m grant from the UK Foreign, Cmmonwealth and Development Office. Following the successful completion of an inception phase, the programme is currently funded from October 2017 to March 2021.

Find out more on Our Funder page.

Who is leading the programme?

The programme is led by Consortium Executive Director, Professor Mary Kaldor and Co-Director for Research, Professor Alex de Waal.

Professor Toby Dodge leads the work on Iraq and the wider region.

Dr Rim Turkmani leads our Syria research.

Prof Koen Vlassenroot leads our work in eastern DR Congo. 

Find out more on our Meet the Team page.

Who are our partners?

Lead partners in the programme are:

  • Conflict Research Group at Ghent University.
  • World Peace Foundation (WPF) and Feinstein International Center (FIC) at Tufts University.
  • The Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS) at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.
  • Al Bayan Center for Planning and Studies

Find our more on Our Partners page. The consortium will also be working closely with locally based research networks in each of the sites being studied. 

How can I find out more?

Join our mailing list to stay up to date with our latest research and news.

Contact us by email or phone: intdev.crp@lse.ac.uk or 0207 849 4631.

We are located in LSE IDEAS, Connaught House, Fifth Floor, 265 Strand, Holborn, London WC2R 1DH.



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