LSE CCRG events aim to provide the public, policymakers, and professionals with diplomatic insight. Our events include public lectures, debates, policy workshops, and international conferences. All forthcoming and past events are listed below.

Ukraine in a Global Context 

'Dependent State Formation' in post war Ukraine 

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Monday 20th May 16:00 -17:30

Ukraine in a Global Context 

Perspectives on NATO's Frontline States

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Monday 22nd April 16:00 -17:30

Ukraine in a Global Context 

10 Years of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Part 2: Ukraine's fight for survival 

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Monday 25th March 16:00 -17:30

 Ukraine in a Global Context 

10 Years of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Part 1: the annexation of Crimea

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Monday 18th March 16:00 -17:30



Conference: Solidarity with Ukraine – Building a New Internationalism

Saturday 11th March 10.00am – 6:30pm

A year afrer the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine has moved into the centre of not only European but global politics. As a result of their resistance, Ukrainians have an opportunity – in dialogue with global civil society movements – to ‘make another world possible’. By bringing Ukrainian activists and academics into dialogue with other global civil society movements and creating a space for discussion and action, the Solidarity with Ukraine conference seeks to make a small contribution to taking this forward.

Russian War on Ukraine: the death of a soldier told by his sister

Olesya Khromeychuk's book, The Death of a Soldier told by his sister, combines memoir and essay, in a poignant account of the costs of the human costs of war, empire and authoritarianism. The book provides a vivid answer as to why, facing a full-scale military onslaught from Russia in February 2022, the people of Ukraine chose to resist. In this public lecture, Olesya will discuss the book in light of the events of this year. Her lecture will be followed by a discussion with Luke Cooper and Tim Judah.

Book Launch: Tainted Democracy - Viktor Orbán and the Subversion of Hungary by Zsuzsanna Szelényi

Zsuzsanna Szelényi joined us for a book launch of her book Tainted Democracy, offering an insider’s account of Fidesz’s evolution since its creation. Underpinned by Szelényi’s own experiences at the heart of Hungarian politics, Zsuzsanna offered accessible, nuanced insights into the global rise of populist autocracy—and how it can be challenged.


Syrian Refugees in a Regional and Global Context

Tuesday 21 June 2022

After over a decade of war, crisis and authoritarianism, Syria continues to have one of the world’s largest refugee populations. With little prospect in sight for a return to stable conditions inside the country, its refugee populations face a range of on-going hardships and challenges.

This one-day conference considered the lessons, legacies and current trajectories facing Syrian refugees, and the links (in terms of geopolitical alignments, civil society activity and migration governance) to the Russian war on Ukraine.