Paulsen Project

Thanks to a generous donation from the Frederik Paulsen Foundation, LSE IDEAS supports new research on Russian history. 

Current Research

These projects by LSE academics have been awarded support from the Paulsen project in November 2017. Each researcher will produce a findings paper. 

  • The Volga in Russian history, Professor Janet Hartley
  • Historical Memory in Russia’s Regions, Dr Tomila Lankina
  • The Imperial Family and the Russian Court under Alexander I, Dr Paul Keenan
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union: a history, Professor Vladislav Zubok

Paulsen Fellowship Programme

Previously, the Paulsen Project ran a five-year Visiting Fellowship Programme. It brought twenty early-career academic historians from a wide range of Russian universities, with particular emphasis on those from the regions, to study as Fellows at LSE IDEAS for a period of one to three months. These historians worked on the history of Russian international relations, diplomacy and strategy between 1700 and 1917.

Banner photo credit: Mahmood Al-Yousif