LSE IDEAS has briefed policymakers from various countries on the implications of China's rise, and is regularly quoted by international media outlets

Engaging with Senior Policymakers

In the UK, the project has briefed staff at 10 Downing Street and given evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select committee on UK-China relations. In Europe, the project participated in the European External Action Service policy planning briefing on China and Russia, briefing 27 EU members on Chinese foreign policy. Dr Yu Jie also spoke at a 'track two diplomacy' meeting of the G7 in Rome during the Italian Presidency in 2017.

China Foresight has met with members of the Monetary Committee of the People's Bank of China and hosted the UK ambassador to China. LSE IDEAS was one of only four UK think tanks invited to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on his visit to London. LSE IDEAS was also the only UK think tank to take part in a direct dialogue with Vice Minister Guo Yezhou of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

In the Media


4 August: The Guardian, Chinese live-fire drills underway after Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan

22 July 2022: China Daily, Analysts say China should maintain its allure as destination for foreign investment

21 June: South China Morning Post, China’s Horn of Africa envoy tells regional peace conference he is ready to mediate disputes

18 June: South China Morning Post, Beijing is likely to step up its campaign to ‘reunify’ with Taiwan, analysts say

26 February: China Daily, Xi's vision sets in motion anti-poverty campaign

23 January: Bloomberg, China's Vast Blueprint for Tech Supremacy over U.S.



8 December: ‘More cautious’ China shifts Africa approach from debt to vaccine diplomacy

29 November: What did FOCAC 2021 deliver for Africa?

26 November: Why Ethiopia’s Fate Matters to China

24 November: Where Is the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Headed Next?

24 November: China’s Quest for Greater Discourse Power

19 November: FOCAC 8 Preview: The Economic Agenda

17 November: COP26: China, the global south, and climate politics

6 November: Is time up for China's non-interference take on overseas coups?

5 November: FOCAC: African nations push China for better trade deals in lead-up to Senegal summit

25 October: China-Africa relationship at its strongest, says new report

21 October: Leading China-Africa Experts Preview the Key Themes That Will Likely Dominate This Year's FOCAC Summit

5 August: Cutting CGN 'against UK interests'

16 July: Why Does China Want to Cooperate With Europe in Africa?

14 July: On the move: the rise of China’s global defence industry

6 July: China and the US race to dominate the ultimate strategic high ground: space

12 May: Quo Vadis? The 17+1 and China’s Inroads into Central and Eastern Europe

8 May: China’s ambitions in space: national pride or taking on the Americans?



28 May: How will COVID-19 impact US-China trade relations?

15 May: Geopolitical Bickering Threatens to Spill Over into Satellite Broadband Mega-constellations

1 May: COVID-19 and China’s Foreign Policy


25 August: spoke to BBC World Service Radio Weekend programme on China and Taiwan's  African diplomacy.

23 August: spoke on BBC World Service Radio's 'The World Update' on the latest round of US-China tariffs.

20 August: appeared on BBC World TV 'Talking Business' on Global Trade tensions.

7 August:  writes for the Financial Times on the ironies and mismatches of China's Belt & Road.

16 July: interviewed by BBC News Channel and BBC World Service on the EU-China summit. 

13 July: quoted in Financial Times column on US-China trade dispute. 

11 July: Yu Jie interviwed by BBC on US-China tarrifs.

10 July: quoted in South China Morning Post on Jeremy Hunt's appointment as Foreign Secretary. 

9 July: quoted in Financial Times story on how China’s Belt and Road difficulties are proliferating across the world. 

5 July: writes for the South China Morning Post on How Trump can bring China and the European Union closer, if they can be pragmatic about their wish lists.

19 June: appeared on BBC World Service speaking on US-China trade disputes and the impact on global financial markets. 

13 June: appeared on CNBC to discuss how China views the outcome of the US-North Korea summit in Singapore.

18 May: appeared on BBC World News to talk about a thaw in US-China relations. 

15 May: appeared on BBC World News Breakfast Breifing to talk about ZTE and US-China trade relations. 

3 May: appeared on Sky News to discuss the likely outcomes of negotiation between Washington and Beijing when the US Treasury Secretary visits Beijing.

4 April: quoted in Financial Times front page story on Chinese investment in the UK.

2 April: appeared on BBC World to discuss the growing China-US trade war.

22 March: appeared on BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight and BBC World Service Newshour to discuss trade tensions between the US and China.

20 March: spoke on BBC NEWS Business Briefing to review the two-weeks long China’s National Parliamentary Congress.

15 March: Xi will be judged on the results of planned reforms - article for the Financial Times beyond brics

11 March: quoted in the Financial Times by James Kynge on Africa eats up lion’s share of Chinese lending

5 March: quoted in the South China Morning Post article Tech entrepreneurs replace real estate tycoons as political advisers in China’s push for IT edge

26 Feburary: reacted to the proposed abolition of the two-term limit for the Chinese Presidency, discussing 'Xi Jinping thought' with Carrie Grace on BBC News and the impact of the news on the Chinese economy on BBC World Service Business Report.

1 Feburary: appeared on BBC Radio 4's The Briefing Room to discuss to discuss Britain, China, & the One Belt, One Road initiative with the FT's James Kynge and host David Aaronovitch. 

27 January: quoted on the front page of the Financial Times, commenting on the diplomatic row between the UK & China on the Belt & Road Initiative.

22 January: Can the UK do a post Brexit trade deal with China? Yu Jie looked at the 3 things China would want for the South China Morning Post

19 January: featured in the UBS Knowledge Network, speaking on China's Global Relations.

China Global South Project


12 August: China Global South Project, The Discourse Power of “One China” and the Global South

29 July: China Global South Project, Xi’s Diplomacy in a New Era

18 March: China Global South Project, Ukraine Shows That China is Not Yet Ready to Head an Alternative World Order

14 January: China Global South Project, Beijing’s “Wait and See” Approach in Kazakhstan



12 November: China Global South Project, After COP26: China, the Global South and the Messy Reality of Climate Politics

29 October: China Global South Project, Sudan and China’s Evolving Non-Interference Policy in the Global South

15 October: China Global South Project, Will China Go Green After Going Out?

10 October: China Global South Project, Is China Really Playing the Long Game?

4 October: China Global South Project, Bhutan's 'Disciplined Diplomacy' Between Two Giants

17 September: China Global South Project, China's Vaccine Diplomacy: Soft Power Lessons from Latin America

3 September: China Global South Project, China's Improbable Resource Bonanza in Afghanistan

23 August: China Global South Project, China isn't interested in a power grab in Afghanistan

6 August: China Global South Project, China's Evolving Military Diplomacy in the Global South

30 July: China Global South Project, Stop the Blame Game: The Complex Picture of China and Coal Finance