From Games to Warfare and Strategy: How Multi-User Platforms Will Transform Difficult Decisions

Joe Robinson from British technology company Improbable will discuss how new advances in the games industry are being adopted by government departments in order to greatly improve the way nations prepare and plan for conflict. 

As threats to our national security grow and transform in front of our eyes and the operating environment we find ourselves in becomes ever more complex and opaque, gaming technologies are increasingly seen as a means to ensure training and planning activity evolve to keep pace with the modern operating environment. 

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Event recorded 7 November 2019.


Joe Robinson leads Improbable's Global Defence and National Security business. Joe joined Improbable from the University of Oxford where he was a visiting Fellow in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Prior to this, he served in the UK MOD as an Army Officer for 10 years. His military career was spent almost exclusively with Commando forces and took him all over the world. Improbable’s Defence and National Security business aims to help governments gain a richer understanding of their most critical problems through the power of virtual worlds.

Will Venters is Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation within the Department of Management at The London School of Economics and Political Science. He speaks regularly at practitioner conferences on various digital business issues, particularly around Digital Ecosystems, Digital Innovation and Cloud Computing; has briefed European government policy makers and various company executives; and undertakes wide ranging consultancy in IT strategy and Digital transformation. His research interests include Digital Transformation, Digital Platforms and Ecosystems, AI, and Agile innovation approaches. He co-authored the Palgrave book “Moving to the Cloud Corporation”, is the author of a blog on digital technology and is an associate editor of the Journal Information Technology and People.

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