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Forging Europe: Vichy France and the origins of the European Union

In the decade following the end of the Second World War, France was a driving force behind European integration, with initiatives like the Monnet Plan and the Schuman Declaration.

A very interesting event and good discussion.

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Luc Andre Brunet on 'Forging Europe' Luc Andre Brunet on 'Forging Europe'
Open University

LSE IDEAS-Open University event

In this lecture, Luc-André Brunet explains continuities from the wartime Vichy regime to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the forerunner to today’s European Union, and what this means for current debates about Europe.

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Event took place October 11th 2017.


Luc-André Brunet is Lecturer in Twentieth-Century Europe at the Open University, Deputy Head of the Cold War Studies Project at LSE IDEAS, and Book Review Editor for the journal Cold War History.

Julian Jackson is Professor of Modern French History and Head of the School of History at Queen Mary University London.

Chair: Piers Ludlow is Deputy Head of Department and Director of Teaching Programmes at the LSE Department of International History.