Coalitions for Change: working with the private sector to improve peace and security

Durable solutions to conflict, underdevelopment and humanitarian crises require new alliances between diverse and non-traditional actors from the private sector, government and civil society. What role should the Academy play in encouraging and supporting such partnerships?

In this panel, academics, business representatives, NGOs and policy-makers discuss the benefits and challenges of working together, and the potential of creative partnerships to transform the world we live in.

Listen to the podcast: Coalitions for Change

Event recorded on Tuesday 11 February.


Mary Martin is Director of the UN at LSE project at LSE IDEAS, and author of Corporate Peace, How Global Business Shapes a Hostile World.

Sam Mazloum works with Mastercard's Vice Chairman, supporting their work with governments, NGOs, foundations and fintech partners, using their technology, know-how and global network to drive inclusive growth and deliver innovation that serves the communities in which they operate around the world. Prior to his current role, as Director for Public Sector UK and Ireland, Sam was responsible for working with Mastercard teams and partners to deliver innovation in smart cities, procurement, transit, financial inclusion and welfare disbursements.

Selena Victor is Senior Director for Policy & Advocacy at Mercy Corps, a global organisation working on both the impacts and the causes of conflict, crisis and fragility. She leads the European policy team which focuses on ensuring governments and institutions respond more effectively to crises, ensuring that even as we respond we address the longer term issues that drive conflict and violence, and ensure communities are better able to cope with crises when they hit.

Thomas Wheeler is a Conflict Advisor at the Department of International Development where he works on how UK aid to fragile and conflict-affected states best supports long-term stability. Prior to this he was a Senior Policy Advisor at the United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations in New York where he covered issues related to conflict prevention and peacekeeping transitions. He holds an MA in Conflict, Security and Justice from King’s College London.

Michael Cox is Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE.

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