Partnering with business to promote human security and the SDGs: comparative experiences

How can business collaborate with other actors to find innovative solutions to contemporary development and security issues facing societies and policymakers? This conference was held over two days, Tuesday 13 April and Wednesday 14 April. Sessions explored:

  • Forms of collaborative governance centred on building and maintaining constructive relationships among business and other societal actors;

  • What kind of data is required to assess the social impact of business;

  • The tools that can facilitate collaboration among business and other actors;

  • The role of technology in transforming relationships between business and local communities.


Session 1: Multiactor Collaborations in Fragile and Conflict Settings

The session explores the challenges of interventions in conflict and fragile states and the role of multiactor collaborations in improving human security. Approaching the topic from different disciplinary backgrounds, the panel of academic experts and practitioners critically examines human security as an approach to strengthen business contributions to peace, development and stability.

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Session 2: Country Case Studies

The session explores examples of collaboration between business and other actors in response to contemporary development and security issues. Drawing on experiences from different geographical, political and security contexts, the panel of practitioners discusses opportunities and challenges facing multi-actor collaborations which include business.

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Session 3: Approaches and Tools

In this session, academic experts and practitioners discuss how to foster more constructive business engagement to improve human security. These include  methodologies for working with local communities, measuring economic, social and governance business impacts, the role of new technologies and measuring trust in partnerships with business.

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Session 4: Reflections and Future Research Agenda

This session reflects on the changing parameters of business engagement and highlights the limitations the traditional frameworks of corporate social responsibility and business and human rights pose in identifying ways for  business to address some of the world’s most complex problems. The panellists discuss how these concepts can create a new terrain to study the future role of business in fragile and conflict affected settings.

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