Clement Attlee

The Life and Times of Clement Attlee: From Houghton Street to Downing Street

Clement Attlee was one of the great sons of the LSE, and went on to become the Prime Minister of the most radical left wing government in British history.

Yet he was looked down upon by many academics on the left, including LSE luminaries such as Hugh Dalton (whom he beat to a job at the LSE), the Webbs (who secured it for him), and Harold Laski and Ralph Miliband.

What have intellectuals missed about Attlee and what does Attlee’s life say about the story of the left in modern Britain and indeed the part played by LSE in that history?

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Event recorded March 14th 2017.


John Bew, Kings College London and author of best- selling biography on Attlee Citizen Clem.

Chair: Michael Cox, Director, LSE IDEAS


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