LSE IDEAS receives four star transparent rating from Transparify

Transparify has certified LSE IDEAS as four star transparent, moving up from three stars in the previous round of ratings the organisation carried out.

The four star rating signifies that LSE IDEAS is considered a transparent organisation by Transparify.

Hans Gutbrod, the Executive Director of Transparify stated:

"We are happy to announce that LSE IDEAS has become a transparent think tank, meeting the criteria for Transparify's four star rating. LSE IDEAS increased transparency sets an example to other think tanks considering increased disclosure of funding, and shows LSE IDEAS' commitment to transparency and accountability."

Professor Michael Cox, Director of LSE IDEAS said:

"Transparency, and especially transparency in terms of funding, is essential in the life of any open organisation purporting to shape the public debate in a fair-minded fashion – which in large part is what IDEAS is about.

I am delighted that our Transparify rating has improved considerably, largely as result of some very hard work undertaken by colleagues in IDEAS."

Transparify provides the first-ever global rating of the financial transparency of major think tanks. In early 2014, they visited the websites of over 150 think tanks in over 40 countries to find out whether they provide information on who funds them and how much they receive from each source.

LSE IDEAS is the London School of Economics and Political Science's foreign policy think tank, currently ranked Europe's top university affiliated think tank.