Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies delegation to visit LSE IDEAS

On May 11, a delegation led by the President of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies, Fernand Etgen, visit LSE IDEAS to discuss the current security situation in Europe. The delegation will be hosted by LSE and will be briefed on the Ukraine crisis by the Director, Prof. Christopher Coker.  

The delegation will include:

H.E. Mr Fernand ETGEN, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, DP

Mr Marcel Di BARTOLOMEO, Deputy Speaker, LSAP

Mr Marc SPAUTZ, Deputy Speaker, CSV

Ms Djuna BERNARD, Deputy Speaker, Green Party

Mr Yves CRUCHTEN, Chairman Foreign and European Affairs Committee, Head of faction of LSAP

Ms Martine HANSEN, Chairwoman faction CSV

Mr Claude WISELER, Member of Executive Committee, CSV

Ms Lydia MUTSCH, Member of Executive Committee, LSAP

Mr Fernand KARTHEISER, Member of Executive Committee, ADR

Mr Laurent SCHEECK, Member of Executive Committee, Secretary General, Head of Administration

 Ms Tania TENNINA, Head of International Relations Department

Ms Sarah BROCK, Press Officer, Public relations department

Ms Pia BISENIUS, Protocol Officer, International Relations Department


Mr Jean-Marie FRENTZ, Deputy head of mission, Luxembourg Embassy