What is the Alumni Portal?

The LSE IDEAS Alumni Portal is an online platform offering alumni exclusive content and opportunities to share, connect, and engage in a discussion on issues surrounding international strategy and diplomacy.

The Alumni Portal offers:

  • Knowledge, expertise and insight into cutting-edge research
  • Connections - network and chapters meetings - in London and regionally
  • Impact - access to LSE IDEAS events, publications, and new projects
  • Priority listing for LSE IDEAS public events
  • Exclusive LSE IDEAS Alumni events
  • Termly Newsletter, containing Programme and Alumni updates
  • Connections with all Alumni and the current student cohort via an exclusive LinkedIN group
  • Career advice and career development support

Mission statement

LSE IDEAS Alumni Network aims to keep all our Alumni in close touch with each other, and with IDEAS, while facilitating informed and up-to-the-minute debate on issues of international strategy and diplomacy.