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LSE IDEAS – UBI Programme Schedule

16 - 18 January 2023

Each day of the LSE IDEAS-UBI programme is tailored to provide the best possible environment for a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to international relations and global economic challenges. With five masterclasses, a guest lecture, and an external visitation, the programme provides insights and expertise on recent international, economic and political developments, while fostering discussion and debate.

Please find the provisional programme schedule here.

Globalisation and its Discontents - Professor Michael Cox


Michael Böhmer et al. (2018), ‘Globalization Report 2018: Who Benefits Most from Globalization?’, Bertelsmann Stiftung. Please read the ‘Executive Summary’ (p.6) and ‘Ch.2: Who Benefits Most from Globalisation?) (pp.8-22).

Steven Altman (2020), ‘Will Covid-19 have a Lasting Impact on Globalization?Harvard Business Review May.

Business in Society - Dr Mary Martin


Marga Hoek (2018) Trillion Dollar Shift, Wiley, chapter 1

Willem Schramade (2019) McDonald's: a sustainable finance case study - Sections 3 (Sustainability) and 4 (Strategy)

The British Academy (2019) Principles for Purposeful Business

Climate Change and the Global Net Zero Transition - Professor Robert Falkner


Carney, Mark (2019). “Fifty Shades of Green: The world needs a new, sustainable financial system to stop runaway climate change”, Finance & Development, 56(4). At:


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China's Economic Diplomacy - Dr Yu Jie

Who decides China's Foreign Policy?:

Xi Jinping Prepares the Communist Party for the New Reality:         

China faces a new test of its economic statecraft:

War and Peace in the 21st Century - Professor Christopher Coker


Christopher Coker, ‘The Future of War’, Draft (2022)

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Further suggested readings:

Christopher Coker Why War? (London: Hurst, 2021). 

Margaret MacMillan War: How Conflict Shaped Us (London: Penguin, 2020). 

Michael Howard The Invention of Peace and Reinvention of War (London: Profile Books, 2002).